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Quick Facts

  • Size/area: 14,113 hectares
  • Bioregion: Mulga Lands
  • Mammals: 29
  • Birds: 219
  • Reptiles: 62
  • Amphibians: 18
  • Threatened Wildlife: 7
  • Plants: 275
  • Threatened Plants: 1 (listed in Qld)

Our work at this Sanctuary

© Wayne Lawler/AWC
© Wayne Lawler/AWC
© Wayne Lawler/AWC
© Brad Leue/AWC

The Sanctuary

鲍拉野生动物保护区位于昆士兰州中南部昆纳穆拉的西北部. 该物业从东部的Warrego河泛滥平原延伸到西部的Mulga林地高原. 

昆士兰州中西部和新南威尔士州的丘陵和平原, in living memory, covered by a huge blanket of woodland, frequented by Bridled Nailtail Wallabies, Bilbies, 西部灰鼬和穴居白鼬——现在都在该地区灭绝了. Bowra, with its intact vegetation structure and permanent waterholes, 为日益减少的野生动物提供了避难所,并为帮助重建该地区曾经令人眼花缭乱的野生动物群落奠定了生态基础. 

博拉的东部占据了沃雷戈河的泛滥平原, with one branch of the river running through the sanctuary. Warrego河只在大洪水和间歇性洪水(大约每两年一次)时流动。, 但随着时间的推移,在白垩纪沉积物的高原上雕刻出了一个又宽又浅的山谷. 该地区较深的冲积砂和粘土受到洪水和当地降雨的浇灌, and support a mosaic of grasslands and open forest communities. In drier times, 富含粘土的土壤开裂,为小型哺乳动物和爬行动物提供了重要的栖息地. 

宝拉既位于高原,又位于河流平原地区. 高原比河滩高10米,完全依赖于每年约350毫米的间歇性和稀缺的当地降雨. The soil here is stony and heavily leached, 但却支持着一个顽强的马尔加群落,它完美地适应了这些艰苦的条件.

Bowra supports 14 distinct Regional Ecosystems, 其中一些没有正式保留(昆士兰植物标本馆2021). Ecosystems include those dominated by Gidgee, Poplar Box, Cypress Pine, Coolabah, River Red Gum, Mulga and Grasslands. There are over 280 plant species from 56 families. The patchwork of woodlands, shrublands, 草原和河岸植被为各种半干旱野生动物提供了繁殖栖息地和干旱避难所, with a particularly rich community of birds.

Wildlife at Bowra

Bowra支持超过300种本地脊椎动物,包括一些靠近其东部或西部范围的物种, such as the Striated Grasswren, Blue-Winged Parrot, Desert Spadefoot Toad, Striped Skink, Pebble Dragon and Little Red Flying-Fox. 物种的多样性是保护区所处位置的结果, 横跨在Warrego河平原和更西面的高原上的一系列栖息地. 

最近的调查已经确定了29种本地哺乳动物. Populations of small mammals like the Gile’s Planigale, 条纹脸鼠和中央短尾鼠对不规则降雨有波动反应, but numbers of larger wallabies and kangaroos are more consistent. 在2022年底的一次调查中,Kultarr也被拍到在避难所. 

The bird fauna at Bowra is prolific (>200 species) and includes nine threatened species. All three species of Australian babblers are present. Reptiles are also well represented with over 60 species, 从大型的古尔德巨蜥到稀少而神秘的雅卡石龙子和一系列树栖壁虎. 挖洞和蓄水蛙栖息在沙质土壤中,而其他蛙类则经常出没于水坑中.

AWC Field Programs at Bowra

皇冠体育app下载在Bowra的实地项目集中在野生动物控制和测量生态健康, as well as some weed and fire management.

鲍拉有狐狸和猫,通过射击和诱捕来控制. The populations are monitored through the use of camera traps, 自2010年Bowra被收购以来,狐狸的数量大幅减少. AWC与邻居合作,协调区域管制措施. 

Bowra has been destocked of cattle and horses, 边界围栏正在逐步加固,以减少邻近种群的入侵. The major feral herbivores requiring control are goats, pigs and rabbits, which are being controlled through shooting and trapping. 监测种群密度,为每种野生物种制定管理策略提供信息. 

像所有AWC物业一样,科学指导了皇冠体育app下载在Bowra的所有土地管理策略. Our field ecologists undertake over 2,400 live trap nights each year, along with over 500 camera trap nights, 180 bird surveys and vegetation surveys. The survey effort helps us track the ecological health of Bowra, 通过测量一系列指标,如主要动物群(如小型哺乳动物)的多样性和丰度, woodland birds and ground-dwelling reptiles. 

Bowra是澳大利亚干旱地区鸟类物种长期人口统计学研究的地点. Since 2013, Dr Jon Coleman, along with teams of volunteers, 有否与AWC合作,对生产力进行年度监察, survival, bowa适应干旱的鸟类的运动和状况. 对许多干旱区物种的生活史特征了解甚少, 这项研究将为鲍拉物种之间的种群波动提供有价值的信息. 

Historically, 该地区很少发生火灾,因为在景观规模上引入放牧消除了燃料, 但是,在高降雨或洪水之后的一年里,可能会发生强烈而破坏性的野火, as vigorous ground cover dries off. Fire management at Bowra aims to reintroduce more frequent, patchy and low intensity fires, encouraging diversity of vegetation types and ages. 

Bowra © Wayne Lawler/AWC

Threats to Wildlife

该地区过度放牧和火灾管理不善导致了重要栖息地的破坏. The removal of feral herbivores and predators, as well as active fire management, are key components of AWC’s land management strategy at Bowra. 这是为了维护建筑的植被结构和永久水坑, which provide an oasis for the wildlife of the area.

Latest news from the field

Wayne Lawler/AWC
Wayne Lawler/AWC
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